Top 10 Superhero Eyewear

by , on 31st March 11
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Otto Octavius A.K.A. Doctor Octopus Otto Octavius A.K.A. Doctor Octopus

With the sunny weather still in full swing it’s important to keep eye health in mind, especially if you are spending your days out in the sun. Here is a list of some of the most famous superheros and super villains that pull off the sunglasses look all the time.

10. Cyclops – The only superhero that can pull off those killer lenses

9. Daredevil – He may be blind, but the dude still kicks ass with those vintage shades

8. Hancock – My favorite drunk superhero

7. Corey Hart – The man that always wears sunglasses at night

6. Doctor Octopus – The smartest man with 6 arms

5. Luke Cage – Steel skin and John Lennon’s sunglasses; Power Man is a hero’s hero

4. Johnny Cage – Prince Goro, meet your maker

3. Mr. Freeze – Those sunglasses are in mint condition being locked in an airtight tube helmet

2. The Flash – The 3rd but not final flash, Bart Allen

1. Nite Owl II – Coolest. Goggles. Ever.

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