WTF of the day: Cyclops glasses

by , on 30th June 11
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Cyclops wore glasses?? Cyclops wore glasses??

On sale from classiceyeglasses (via ebay) we found some eyeglasses for all you mythological Greek one-eyed beasts with vision problems. Bidding starts at $22.95. Hmmm, I see a problem.

So who would possibly want to buy such a thing?? Well, these glasses are for applying makeup. This 60's trend never really caught on so don't hurt yourself too much for forgetting (or not being born yet). The lens is on a hinge, and you can flip it side to side. This way you can apply makeup to one eye more accurately than with no glasses at all.

Haha, classiceyeglasses. Let's be friends.

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20:14 GMT, 9th January 2010Comment by Suraj

This is the funkiest site on the web to easily choose a pair of designer glasses. I like how you guys post funky and fresh posts on your blog, this and the easy search feature is why I am about to make an order (not the girls glasses above!). If I get a discount for saying nice things then great, let me know. Seriously though - great site!

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