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Returns & Refunds

  1. What do I do if I’m not satisfied with my order?
  2. What is your returns policy?
  3. When does the 14 day period start?
  4. Can I return them even if I simply don't like them?
  5. Can I get my glasses adjusted?
  6. Can I cancel my order?
topWhat do I do if I’m not satisfied with my order?

Just send the item(s) back within 14 days and we will offer you a full refund of the purchase (excluding delivery charges) or exchange them for another pair. You just pay the difference!

topWhat is your returns policy?

Our "No Worries, returns" policy is exactly as it says. If you don't like your glasses or you're unhappy with your purchase, you can return the item(s) to us by mail up to 14 days after dispatch for an exchange or full refund of the frame value and half the value of any lenses purchased, excluding delivery charges. We have to charge for our lenses as once they are made, they can not be returned to the glazing laboratory.

Simply take the supplied freepost label and attach it to the front of the package. Complete a returns form with your reason for returning your item(s) and what you’d like us to do with them. If you wish to return goods after 14 days of shipping then you should first contact our customer service department to see whether a return is still valid.

To return goods you need to print out a copy of the returns form, which can be found online.

1. Cick here to download our returns form

2. Complete the remaining details on the returns form

3. Attach the label provided with your order to the front of the package

4. Put the returns form in the package with your returned items

5. Seal the package and put it in the post

6. We recommend you obtain proof of postage from the post office

We will either refund the full frames amount and half the lens amount you paid for the order or if you would like to exchange (or part-exchange) your goods, please add the appropriate details in the comments field of the returns form.

Our customer service team are happy to recommend a different frame if you have any particular concerns. You will be notified by email when your returned goods have been received.

Our Email Address:

topWhen does the 14 day period start?

We will date stamp your dispatch receipt when we put it in the post. The 14 day period will start from this date; returns must have a posting date no more than 14 days after this dispatch date. We will contact you to discuss any returns received with a posting date more than 14 days after the dispatch date.

topCan I return them even if I simply don't like them?

Simply put, yes. You can return your retro glasses, fashion frames or any of the prescription glasses offered on our site.

topCan I get my glasses adjusted?

Yes you can. Most opticians on the high street are happy to adjust your fashion glasses for a small fee or may ask for a small donation to charity in return. If you still have a persistent problem, please feel free to contact us at

topCan I cancel my order?

Of course simply contact us before your item has been processed. Remember you do have 14 days after you receive your purchase under our 'no worries, free returns policy'.