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How to buy glasses online...

We know that buying glasses on-line can be a difficult decision (since you're a creature of habit and like to get them the good old fashioned way and go down to your local optician and pay over the odds). But there's a revolution happening right now that's about to change everything - the Internet is becoming a key player in the optics market. High street opticians like to charge over the odds for identical products as they need to pay for expensive overheads, specialist staff and fancy equipment.

All specs wearers journeys start in the same please - at a local opticians. Once you've had your eye test done, you receive your prescription. Its helpful to know that If your optician refuses to give you your prescription - the law states that they must hand it over on request. Your optician will also measure your pupil distance - its definitely worth taking note of this as its not included on your prescription and is important for ensuring the best fit from your glasses. At this stage your optician will usually pass you onto the sales floor to up-sell to the most expensive pair they have.

But hold on: Let's try this differently....

Why not bring your prescription to us and save yourself a packet buying an identical product at a substantially reduced price. In fact we probably use the same suppliers and glazing lab as your local optician - meaning you get the same quality pair for significantly less.

What you will need to buy on-line:

  • Some time to browse
  • A valid credit card
  • A prescription that must be no more then 2 years old (and a Pupil Distance measurement if you can get hold of it)

What is P.D and how do I measure mine?

We need this to be able to give you the best possible sight correction from our glasses. You can ask your optician for your PD (Pupil Distance) when you have your eyes tested, but not all opticians will include the measurement in your prescription. The PD makes sure that the centre of the lenses are aligned with your pupils. If you don't have access to your PD, you can measure your own pupil distance by asking someone to measure the horizontal distance between the centre of both pupils. If you are unable to provide a PD we will simply use the average PD to finish your order.

What's the difference between buying on-line and from my local optician?

Well apart from being charged a fortune and the fact you wont even have to leave the comfort of your home to get them, not much really. We buy our frames, lenses and accessories from the same suppliers as your local opticians. Our buyers only select fashionable frames for creating different looks and make sure they are of the highest quality. We also use one the UK's leading glazing labs to get your lenses coated and cut to size. One of our dispensing opticians checks your order over before and after it comes back from the lab to make sure everything's perfect, if not they'll contact you before they proceed. In fact we even include their name and direct contact details with your glasses if you have any questions after you receive your order.

So how do I choose from so many pair of glasses on your site?

With so many designs, shapes, colours and brands to choose from it can be difficult even for us to pick a pair. So we have thought long and hard about how we can make the selection easier.

Best Fit Calculator:

Most glasses can be adjusted by your local optician but it would help to get a pair that fits like your current pair, right? So we recommend that you take a close look inside the arms of a pair of your most comfortable glasses. On the inside you'll usually find three sets of numbers; Lens diameter (a number between 44 and 57), nose bridge (between 13 and 22) and arm length (between 125 and 147). Simply enter the numbers into our best fit calculator and magically it will shortlist the frames that are your best fit.

Find a pair similar to your current style:

If you don't want to be to adventurous and get a completely new look - you could always opt for a pair suggested by the best fit calculator that are a similar style to your favourite pair. You know what they say; if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Spring loaded hinges or adjustable nose pads?

We recommend for comfort that if your existing pair has these features, you make sure your new pair has them also. If your existing pair doesn't have these features then why not upgrade to a pair that does?


I'm sure you already know what colours you look best in, so simply browse our frames by filtering by colour in the main navigation. If you want to see how you look in a more colourful pair of glasses then keep an eye out for our virtual mirror, coming soon:.

Frames for face shapes:

The shape of your face is the most important factor when choosing any frames. The list below will give you some idea as to which frame will suit your face shape.

  • Square face: Oval frames are best for a square face as they soften the jaw line. Avoid thin, angular styles and those with colour emphasis on the bottom rim
  • Round face: Angular or geometric styles are best for a round face. They draw attention to the top half of your face
  • Long face: A long face with high cheekbones requires wide frames with a strong top line. Avoid small, square shapes - opt for a style with all over colour
  • Oval face: An oval face looks great in most styles! Be adventurous and try modern geometric shapes, which are stylish and fashionable
  • Heart-shaped face: A heart-shaped face can wear slender, rounded or square styles without decorative detail on the temples. Avoid styles which are wider at the top, these will reflect the face shape rather than balance it

Lenses and coatings:

There are three main types of lenses depending on what you need them for, single vision, bifocal and vari-focal.

  • Single vision: These are the most common lenses and suitable for everyday use, especially for general reading and working at a computer.
  • Bifocal (2 powers in one): You need these if you require both distance vision and help with reading. This lens has a line across the middle. It's a very good lens if you require to large fields of view e.g. Wide areas for reading and for distance with no distortion.
  • Vari-focal (3 powers in one): You need these if you require to see 3 different focal lengths e.g., distance, computer or shop window distance and for reading. There are no markings on the lens but there is distortion on the sides as you look to the sides. That's why they say you need to point your nose at what you are looking at to avoid the distortion on the edges. These are not recommended if you have any neck or back problems.

There are also some other great options that we sell at a fraction of prices you'll find on the high street to help you get exactly what you need:

  • Thinner Lenses: If your prescription is strong its likely that your lenses will look somewhat 'goggle eyed', so on stronger prescriptions our system will recommend that you use thinner lenses. Check out our prices to see what you could save from not buying on the high street.
  • Anti Scratch Coatings: Whilst not making your lenses totally indestructible - this coating helps to prolong the life and look of your lenses by adding a hard coating to your lens, and at only $5 its not to be missed.
  • Anti reflective coatings: Also known as MAR and often including a hard coat, this coating means that the lens will take in more light, causing less of a reflection on the surface of your lens. Perfect whilst driving or sitting at a bright computer screen. Great value as only an additional $20 on the price of your glasses.
  • UV Coating: Exactly like the coating you'll find on sunglasses, this coating will reduce the harmful effects of UV light by filtering the rays out.
  • Tints: Add a tint to one of our frames to finish it off, these can be found on the page after you've selected one of our frames. Available in a variety of colours and shades.
  • Polarised: These lenses block out light horizontally, reducing the amount of glare. Perfect for driving in wet conditions (we are in the UK right?) and even skiing.
  • Sun Reactive: These lenses react to UV light, as the UV light increases so does the tint on the lens - helping to reduce glare. Please note that these lenses react to UV light not all artificial lighting, even on cloudy days some UV light will make it through the clouds.
  • Cases and accessories: We supply a standard case and cleaning cloth at no extra charge. The standard case will be highlighted during the checkout process. We also offer case upgrades which can be added to your purchase at a small additional cost. You may also add accessories at this stage including a lens cleaning solution or a handy little pocket screwdriver to tighten up any loose screws.

The history of your glasses

Step 1
It all starts with one of our lovely frames. Once you've chosen a frame, lens and case, then entered your prescription, PD and some additional basic details, you'll be directed to the payment page. Pretty soon after that we receive your completed order, which is checked over by one of our dispensing opticians before we send them to be manufactured.

Step 2:
The dispensing optician will then trace your frames to get the exact size of your lenses. This information will then be sent to our glazing supplier together with the rest of your requirements.

Step 3:
We wait a day or so (longer on more complicated prescriptions) to receive your lenses and pop them into your patiently waiting frames.

Step 4:
They are then given a final check over by the dispensing optician and dispatched direct to your door, via Royal Mail (first class of course).

Step 5:
The waiting is over! The post man/woman delivers you completed order direct to your door (you will need to sign for them of course).

The whole process usually takes around 10-14 days but we do stress that this can take up to 28 days for more complicated orders or prescriptions. Just log into your account and check out the order tracking section once you've placed an order and you'll be able to monitor progress.

Note: The majority of prescriptions can be easily inputted straight into our prescription page. Some may need a translation from one of our resident dispensing opticians - just email it to or give us a call on 0844 310 2020.