WTF Of The Day: Bed Glasses

by , on 30th November 11
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Reading porn may make you blind Reading porn may make you blind

When it came to glasses frames, here at we thought we’d seen it all. That was until we spotted these “Deluxe Prism Glasses” from Genius.

Apparently these babies are designed to fit over your regular glasses whilst allowing you to “read a book, watch TV”, or our personal favourite, “simply watch the world go by" whilst lying flat on your back. Classic.

We really have no idea what makes this particular model “Deluxe”. Perhaps it’s the adjustable ear piece, which according to the website, “can be adjusted with a heat gun”. That will be the heat gun that everyone keeps under the bed then, right? Or perhaps it’s the “vinyl case?” Presumably when they wrote "vinyl" they actually meant "solid gold" then. I digress.

Besides facilitating the bone idle, apparently these fashionable glasses are quite useful for people who have to endure MRI scans, have limited neck movement or simply “for those people who must wear a halo......” Honestly, you can’t make it up.

A new low for laziness. It's so absurd, I want to buy a pair. At £39.60 there's gotta be a cheaper place to buy them, but I'm simply too lazy to check.

Our advice, don’t get up, just get someone to buy them for you.

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09:29 GMT, 30th March 2010Comment by Robertoh

I wished I'd had 'em back then. I mean, when your alone in your room, who but you cares what you look like. They were advertised in the back of womens mags. Sometimes I will prop up a mirror on a pillow in my bed so that I may watch TV in my comfiest position. These glasses only worked on your back, as they were solid glass and weighed a ton!

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